Do It Yourself Cloth: Cloth Wipes and Giveaway

After deciding that I loved using cloth wipes, I got ambitious and decided that I wanted to make my own cloth wipes. This was a really good thing actually. I had purchased a fairly nice Singer sewing machine shortly after I got married – almost 4 years ago – but I had never really put the machine to good use. I think the dear husband was beginning to regret that he had ever let me buy it!

One Saturday afternoon, I put the little one down for a nap, left her with dad, and headed to the fabric store. When I got to the fabric store, I was very excited to see a great deal on the very flannel material I hoped to purchase. There were so many great fabric pattern options that it was very difficult to choose just one. However, since I was trying something new, I figured it was best to start small with just one fabric. In the end, I choose to purchase 1 yard of a pretty blue flowered fabric.

Several days later, I finally got around to starting on my project. My first step was to gather all the materials I would need to complete the project. This included: my aforementioned sewing machine, a cutting board, scissors, a rotary cutter, thread, a pincushion with pins, brown paper, a pen, and the fabric itself.

Once all of the materials were assembled, I set to making a pattern. I used a JAbaby wipe which I had previously purchased as a model for my new pattern. I placed the model wipe on the brown paper and traced it with a pen to create a pattern. Next, I cut out the newly created pattern from the brown paper. With this new pattern, I was able to cut out identical pieces of fabric to use in the creation of my wipes.

With all the elements ready to go, I began the actual sewing part of the project. Although, I tried several different options of how to stitch the wipes, one option was clearly superior to all others I tried. To create this version, I took two of identical pieces I had cut out from my fabric and placed the “right” (the pretty side) together. Then, I sewed all around the outside leaving a few inches open. Next, I turned the fabric so that the “right” side was facing out. I then sewed around the outside a second time. The biggest benefit of this method was that it created nice looking wipes, which were not likely to fray with washing.

It took me several tries, a few different stitches, and a few failures to come up with – what I think – is one good cloth wipe. I have been using these wipes for several weeks now and I am very pleased with how they look, how they work, and how they hold up to washing. I had so much fun making these wipes, I even decided to make a few more!

I am so excited about my cloth wipes that I want to share the fruit of my labors with you, my dear readers. Sadly, I simply cannot afford to send each of you a set of these wipes. Instead, I will choose one lucky reader to receive 8 of my homemade flannel cloth wipes. The winner will have a choice of 8 green polka-dot cloth wipes, 8 lavender checkered cloth wipes, or 4 of each.






If you still want to try cloth wipes – even if you do not win the giveaway – please consider purchasing a set or two of cloth wipes from DiaperHQ. Remember to list me as your consultant :). If you are still on the fence about cloth wipes, be sure to see my post about how I went from very hesitant to use cloth wipes to loving cloth wipes.

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* This post contains affiliate links. I am not compensated if you click on them. I am only compensated if you buy a product and list me (Danielle) as your consultant.

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6 thoughts on “Do It Yourself Cloth: Cloth Wipes and Giveaway

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  4. tina bob

    First thanks for easy entries and thanks for the giveaway

  5. Unfortunately I can’t enter the giveaway as I am from Canada, but just wanted to say that these look great! I bought cloth wipes (Thirsties) early on once I found out I was pregnant, but I think that I will make my own once I need more. I was thinking of getting some old receiving blankets and making them from those for a cheap option, but yours look great so I might buy new flannel!

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